Kitchen cabinets Dallas

Kitchen cabinets Dallas

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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can have a huge impact on kitchen design. They take up much of the kitchen space, so they should be thought of as an integral aspect of kitchen design. Even past the design aspect, cabinets should be considered for their strength and durability. Here’s what you need to think about when looking for kitchen cabinets Dallas.

When do you prioritize cabinetry during a remodeling project?

If you plan on undergoing a kitchen renovation then you need to plan out each aspect of the remodel before you even get started. This applies to flooring, countertops, wall paint/design, appliances, and cabinetry. Each aspect is dependent on the others and the end goal is to create a kitchen design that flows together works well.

Before you get started, you need to figure out your color scheme and measurements. Measurements apply to your cabinetry and your appliances. Why? Because your kitchen cabinets Dallas will probably be fitting around your appliances.

So, cabinet measurements and color should be predetermined. You may choose the color of your cabinets by coordinating with the colors of your countertop, walls, and flooring. In the end, the purpose of your cabinetry’s appearance is to compliment the features of your kitchen that truly standout, such as your countertops and backsplash.

What wood should you choose for your kitchen cabinetry?

When it comes to cabinet wood, your options are basically shades in between light and dark wood. When selecting a type of wood, consider the size of your kitchen and the natural lighting that enters your kitchen. Smaller kitchens will look larger with lighter colored woods like maple or oak, while larger kitchens can hold a bolder look with darker wood colors like mahogany or hickory.

Additionally, kitchens that lack in natural lighting would most benefit from lighter colored cabinets. And kitchens that have plenty of natural light can afford the use of darker colored cabinets.

Also, consider the rest of the kitchen’s features. Specific cabinet colors will complement particular countertop colors. In the end, you have the flexibility to choose any color for your cabinets, with the most popular options being gray, black, white, and various shades of brown.

How to purchase kitchen cabinetry in Dallas

Similar to other goods, cabinetry varies in terms of quality and versatility. It’s up to your preferences and budget to determine which level is best for your remodeling project. You’ll find cabinets categorized as ready to assemble (RTA), stock, semi-custom and custom.

What does each option entail?

Ready to Assemble: This option is best for homeowners who are looking for quick and easy cabinet installation. You can purchase RTA cabinets from local home improvement stores. This type of cabinet is what it is, meaning that you cannot have it customized in anyway. What you see is what you get. They are more inexpensive when compared to other cabinetry grades and can be a great buy for those who prefer DIY installation.

Stock: This option is purchased pre-sized directly from the manufacturer. This type of cabinet can’t be changed either, but you can benefit from affordable, quality cabinets just by choosing a reputable manufacturer. Stock cabinets are constructed on-site and are normally composed of a particleboard material.

Semi-Custom: Buyers will have some say in sizing for this level of cabinetry. Additionally, you’ll have a larger selection of styles, finishes and storage capabilities. Pricing for semi-custom cabinets is generally right in the ballpark for homeowners who are looking for a high-quality addition to their kitchens. More often than not, pricing also includes the cost of installation.

Custom: This option is truly high-end cabinetry. You’ll have your choice of countless design options, including style, finish and accessories. Custom cabinets are made-to-order. Consumers will have complete control over the look and custom features of their cabinets; therefore, they’ll know exactly what to expect when their cabinetty is delivered to their homes.

No.1 Best Kitchen Cabinets Dallas - Toscana Remodeling

What types of cabinets do you need to consider?

Every kitchen has some variation of cabinet types. As you go through the renovation process, it’s important to understand certain terms. So, when you’re selecting your cabinetry, use and understand the following terms:

Base: Cabinets that are either affixed to the floor or suspended above it. Base cabinets are range between two and three feet in depth and the height is determined by your kitchen layout. They tend to be more spacious since most homeowners store their pots and pans in these cabinets.

Wall: The cabinets that are attached to your walls and exist above your kitchen counters. These are generally 12 inches in depth since they store glasses or mugs, or stacked dishes and bowls. Semi-custom or custom build wall cabinets can obviously be increased in depth if needed.

Tall: Tall kitchen cabinets can also be called pantry cabinets. Typically standing at a height of 80 inches or more, these units are ideal for storing food, paper plates, lunchboxes, containers, and more. If your kitchen doesn’t have the space for a walk-in pantry, then a tall cabinet or two can serve as an effective substitute. In fact, tall cabinets might even look nicer than having a random door in the corner of your kitchen.

Specialty: Specially designed cabinets for unique storage situations. For instance, you can install corner cabinets that open at a specific angle or place a built-in bottle rack inside of a certain cabinet.

What about cabinet finishes?

Once you’ve chosen the grade, type, and color for your cabinet, what comes next?

What kind of finish do you want your kitchen cabinets Dallas to have? You can choose from painted, stained, glazed, distressed and antiqued, or a combination.

Stained cabinets are quite a popular option. Stained wood gives cabinets character and is more attention-grabbing than a plain, solid-colored cabinet. In a way, stained cabinets can be compared to a granite countertop. Granite has a natural grain that results in a random mix of color shades and patterns. Such a random, imperfect design makes the countertop material soothing and homey.

Stained cabinets don’t exactly experience color changes; however, the staining does result in producing different shades of the same colors. It gives cabinets that pleasantly worn look.

Glazed kitchen cabinets Dallas are also quite popular. This cabinet finish will present an appealing shine. White cabinets are often glazed as it allows them to benefit from a little added depth and character, rather than just plainness.

Then, you have the distressed, or antique options for cabinet finishes. These finishing techniques are meant to make your cabinets look aged. Sounds strange, right? Maybe so, but if you see a distressed cabinet in person, you’ll probably appreciate the uniqueness.

Not every product looks best when it’s shiny and brand-new. This applies to wood in particular. What factors contribute to the widespread popularity of the random grain in hardwood flooring? Many homeowners desire to imbue their residences with distinctive qualities. Doing this can help enhance that character.

What advanced options do you have for cabinetry?

Woodworkers can enjoy various types of entertainment through carpentry. They have the ability to add special features to projects to enhance the product’s appeal. Obviously, the consumers will have to pay extra money for these special features. Even so, it’s usually worth the extra cost as it makes your kitchen unique as ever.

For example, pullout recycling and trash cans can make life just a little easier. Custom-made wine racks are a sought-after feature for people that like wine and need storage for it. If the wine rack is something you’d like to show off, consider covering the cabinet with a glass panel so that your guests can see the wine rack without having to open or pull the cabinet door. But for trash bins or recycling bins, you’ll probably want to keep those hidden.

Additionally, cabinet drawers that pull out all the way are a nice touch. Unfortunately, we sometimes cut our hands on the wood since we’re forced to reach all the way back in the drawer to grab something that’s stuck. Even if we don’t end up cutting ourselves, it’s still a hassle.

The time you save with a functional kitchen will definitely be noticeable. Also, it’s nice to have the satisfaction of a cooking space that flows well and is free from inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

You’re going to have to give a lot of thought to the details of a kitchen renovation. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to run your ideas by a professional designer or contractor. You’ll receive great advice for each and every aspect of a kitchen remodel. If you don’t seek professional design assistance, then at least try to handle the renovation one thing at a time. Choose your flooring, countertop, and kitchen cabinets. Taking things one step at a time can go a long way for big projects.

To ensure smooth installation and timely project completion, it is advisable to engage a single contractor. Communication will be simplified since you won’t have to speak with multiple people and have more things added to your already busy mind.

If there’s something that the contractor is not 100% capable of completing, chances are he/she will have another contractor ready to handle the task. It’s not often that contractors can’t do something, but parts of a remodel like plumbing can sometimes warrant the assistance of a professional plumber.

The point is that a kitchen renovation is faster and easier when left to the professionals. Professional designers and installation experts can make a huge difference. Sure, you’ll have to pay the professionals for their labor, but it’ll be well worth it knowing that the job was done properly. Again, a lot goes on with big project like a kitchen renovation, and the more there is to be done, the more there is that can go wrong.


In conclusion, selecting kitchen cabinets Dallas is a thoughtful process. From choosing the right wood and type to exploring finishes and advanced options, each decision contributes to the overall success of your kitchen renovation. Professional assistance ensures a hassle-free experience, making your dream kitchen a reality.

    Toscana Remodeling

    Toscana Remodeling has been remodeling for quite some time. We pride ourselves in giving customers a wide selection of home remodeling materials, including flooring, countertops and cabinetry. We also pride ourselves in our installation services. Customers don’t need to look anywhere else for their remodeling needs. It can all be done with Toscana Remodeling!

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    FAQs about Kitchen Cabinets Dallas

    1. Do I need professional assistance for a kitchen renovation in Dallas?
      • While it’s possible to DIY, professionals streamline the process, ensuring a successful outcome.
    2. How do I choose between different cabinet finishes for kitchen cabinets Dallas?
      • Consider your style preferences and the ambiance you want to create; stained, glazed, or distressed finishes offer distinct looks.
    3. What is the best wood for smaller kitchens in Dallas?
      • Lighter woods like maple or oak create an illusion of space in smaller kitchens.
    4. Are custom cabinets worth the investment for kitchen cabinets Dallas?
      • Custom cabinets provide complete design control, making them a worthwhile investment for a personalized kitchen.
    5. How can I optimize storage in a small kitchen in Dallas?
      • Utilize base cabinets for pots and pans, wall cabinets for dishes, and consider specialty cabinets for unique storage needs.


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