Granite Countertop Installation Dallas

Why Hire Professionals for Granite Countertop Installation

Granite countertops can give your home an elegant appeal and even increase its resale value. Due to its heavy nature, installing a granite countertop the DIY way is risky and dangerous. That’s why professional installation is available.

While there’s nothing wrong with watching a tutorial on how granite countertops are installed, there could be a huge possibility that your money will be wasted just because if you missed a step or two from the tutorial. However, by hiring a professional you could be:

Saving money

Granite countertops can be quite expensive, depending on their design, shape, and size. Imagine having to redo the installation just because you misunderstood a direction. Because of that, you could end up buying a new countertop, which could cost hundreds of dollars. But by hiring professional installers, you can guarantee no mistakes will be made.

Satisfied with the installation

Professional installers are equipped with the proper skills and equipment for installing granite countertops on different surfaces. They know how to:

  1. Place the granite in the right levelGranite Countertop Installation Dallas
  2. Create templates to where the countertops will be installed
  3. Make a perfect edge of the countertop
  4. Reinforce the countertop to the cabinet or base
  5. Measure and cut granite
  6. Disabling and enabling electrical systems that are involved in the granite installation

These can only be completed by professionals.

How to know if you land on a reputable granite countertop installer

How do you know if the company you want to hire is trustworthy, reliable, and credible?

Ask for recommendations

Do your research about the company you want to hire. Look for customer feedback and ratings. Do you see positive or negative comments? Are there any complaints about their service or are the customers happy with their experience with the company? You can also ask your neighbors and friends of their suggestions. That way, you can be sure that you’re on the right track.

Ask for a written estimate

Before getting granite countertop installation in Dallas, TX, ask for a consultation and written estimate for the project first. They might discuss the materials needed or even come see the area of installation themselves. Just make sure to get a written estimate before hiring them so that you can see if it’s reasonably priced and if it fits your budget

If you’re looking for the best granite countertop installers in Dallas, TX, Toscana Remodeling is the place to call! Not only do we use the latest technology and equipment for installing your countertop, but we also have the best and most highly-trained team who’ll make sure that your countertop is top-quality.


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