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Types of tile for Kitchen Flooring

So, you decided to remodel your kitchen. Your project is going to be fun and interesting. A kitchen remodel can be a great project; you’ll want to start with flooring. If you choose the right flooring type for your kitchen, choosing the other materials should go pretty smoothly. Consider the flooring as your background, then choose nice colors and fixtures to match well with it.

A great material for kitchen flooring is tile. Tile comes in many different types and various colors, textures and levels of durability. Kitchen flooring in Dallas can easily last decades when you choose high-quality materials, such as tile. Below we’ve made a short guide the types of tile and what to look for in them.

For Beginners to Tile

Kitchen Flooring DallasIf you have never seen tile or had it installed, you’ll find that tiles are a durable material that can be manufactured with glass, metal, ceramic or stone. The surface is extremely hard, which means that your kids and pets will not damage the flooring. Tiles can withstand spills and messes, but do need to be sealed to avoid the absorption of water. Tile as kitchen flooring is easy to clean with sweeping and mopping on an as-needed basis. Make sure to avoid using acidic cleaning solutions or cleaning pads with harsh bristles that could damage the sealant.

Main Types of Tile

While shopping for your kitchen tile, you’ll see that there are three main types. The first type is ceramic. This tile option is created with clay and is of medium durability. Porcelain is the second type of tile; it is the most vulnerable, being made of minerals and sand. It’s harder to install but better at withstanding water. The third type is stone which formed naturally. Stone tiles have to be sealed upon installation to avoid moisture-absorption.

Benefits of Tile Flooring for Kitchens

There are many benefits to installing tile in your kitchen. First of all, you’ll find that the flooring type is quite durable. A rating system created by the Porcelain Enamel Institute will show you the durability of the flooring type with Class 3 and 4 being the best options for kitchen flooring. Tile is water-resistant. While some tiles need to be sealed, others don’t. Sealing your tiles is extremely important for maintaining the lifetime of your flooring.

The texture is also important. Smooth tiles can become too slippery if they’re wet. Dirt will be hidden away which can visually be good but when you go to clean, it can be harder to clear dirt and grime.

Overall, tile is a great choice for kitchen flooring. Consider your flooring budget and how tile flooring will fit in your Dallas, TX home.


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