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Improvements for Your Home

It’s extremely important to love your home. You should enjoy where you sleep, eat, relax, and gather. You want to feel at ease in your home and you want people to be impressed when they enter it. If you aren’t happy with how your home currently looks, you could use a home improvement.

We’ll highlight several home improvements that can be made to your kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas.

Improvements to your Kitchen

New countertopHome Improvement

Countertop materials create their own presence in a kitchen. Therefore, having a modern countertop can make a big difference. If you don’t have granite or quartz countertops installed in your kitchen area, you might want to get with the times. Granite and quartz, or other natural stone countertops for that matter, will instantly give your kitchen an upgraded look.

Add a backsplash

What goes amazingly with a brand-new countertop? A unique and appealing backsplash. There are so many different designs, materials and color combinations to choose from. All it takes is a visit to a home improvement store and you’ll see all the different choices!

A fresh backsplash can really make your kitchen pop!

Update appliances

Sometimes all your kitchen needs is some new appliances. Outdated or non-fuctional appliances can make your kitchen seem more outdated than it is. Stainless steel appliances throughout a kitchen can greatly impact the overall design. Benefit from SMART technology and go from a step behind to a step ahead in home innovation.

Repaint cabinets

If you want a really cheap home improvement tip, consider repainting your kitchen cabinets! A clean coat of paint can give a kitchen the character that it needs. Making that faded maple or oak vibrant again will make the space more inviting.

Moreover, repainted cabinets won’t be  change that requires you to make additional purchases. It’s easy and inexpensive.

Add a pendant light

Adding a pendant light is another inexpensive improvement. Pendant lights hang perfectly over a kitchen island or peninsula. They are modern, fit well with, and add character to a kitchen. You’ll find pendant lights in many beautiful designs.

Improvements to your Bathroom

New countertopHome Improvement

A new countertop can be even more benefitting for a bathroom environment. The area is smaller, so a nice looking countertop will work wonders for a bathroom. We recommend a sealed natural stone countertop for the bathroom as well. Granite, quartz, marble, travertine, etc.

Make sure to have the surface sealed, as natural stone materials are vulnerable to moisture. A sealant will protect the natural stone material for 2-3 years.

Fresh paint

Maybe you still have wallpaper hung in your bathroom, or maybe you’re just tired of your plain old wall color. Change it up! There are so many colors to choose from, and lighter ones can create the look of a larger room.

If it fits your budget, having granite tiles install on your wall will result in a unique and interesting look. Lining half the wall with granite tile is a popular trend when it comes to bathroom modernization. The other half being a simple painted wall.

Frameless glass shower door

Frameless glass shower doors are another bathroom trend that only seems to be getting more popular. Get rid of your outdated shower curtain and make your bathroom more visually appealing. Glass panes covering the shower area will make the area seem bigger because no curtain or frames will be blocking the shower.

Modern light fixtures

Much like the pendant light in a kitchen, modernized light fixtures in a bathroom can make the space more appealing. Visit your nearest home goods store and you’ll find many different options. We don’t recommend going overboard, but one or two creative light fixtures will enhance a bathroom’s design.

Improvements to your Living Areas

Area rug

A complete renovation isn’t always the solution to improving a living room’s appearance. If a renovation is what you have in mind, contact Toscana Remodeling. But, if you’re looking for home improvements that are more subtle, try adding an elegant area rug.

An area rug can cover up most of a worn floor. It can serve as a statement piece if you choose one with an interesting design.

Pallet wall

A pallet wall can add a cool, bold feature to pretty much any room. It will stand as a focal point, offsetting anything plain, like white walls. A pallet wall is basically a collection of wood planks staggered and placed on top of each other to form a wall. It will definitely make a room feel more cozy.

Installing a pallet wall will involve heavy use of power tools, so you might want to have a professional contractor install the wall for you.

Dimmer lights

Home Improvement

Dimmer lights control the feeling of a room. Instead of just having bright light or no light at all, dimmers give off variations of light. With a light dimmer installed in your living room, the light setting is completely in your control.

New furniture

Obviously, there’s always the new furniture option as well. If you don’t like what you have currently, find furniture that better suits your style. The hard part will be making sure that your new furniture fits well in your old living room. Online shopping is the easier option in today’s modern well, but it’s better to visit a furniture store to see the furniture you’re choosing in person.

Toscana Remodeling

For all of your home renovation needs, give Toscana Remodeling a call! We offer all kinds of services, including flooring installation, countertop/backsplash installation, and carpentry.

Our staff comes with years of experience. We’ve worked on countless kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, garages, etc. Our work extends to the outdoor parts of your home as well, whether it be your front yard or backyard.

Whatever project you have in mind, small or big, let us help. We’ll complete an estimate, talk you through the process and keep you informed throughout the process. When we’re finished, our home improvements will be just what you envisioned, if not better.

To learn more, please visit toscanaremodeling.com. Also, check out our blog for more home remodeling advice.


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