Hardwood Flooring Dallas

Hardwood Flooring Dallas

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Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Nothing is as homey as hardwood flooring. It offers a coziness that no alternative flooring material can provide to your home. In addition, it increases the resale value of your home because of how popular of a flooring material hardwood is. Continue reading to discover additional information about hardwood flooring.


Hardwood flooring Dallas, TX are made of planks cut from a single piece of timber. The flooring materials feature a more substantial wear layer and are also capable of being sanded and refinished.

Since it’s made from an actual tree, hardwood flooring has certain limitations when it comes to size. The maximum widths and lengths of hardwood  planks range between five inches wide and seven feet long.


Since it’s made from timber cut from trees, hardwood flooring can be expensive, especially if the type of wood is rare. Red oak, white oak, maple, and various other domestic woods are commonly utilized for flooring. Red oak is considered one of the most popular species of wood used in construction.


What is the most durable material used for flooring? It’s a tricky question but, believe it or not, solid hardwood flooring is among the top 10.

But since it’s made completely of real wood, hardwood flooring is prone to scratches and can get damaged when exposed to too much moisture. However, it definitely makes any home look great and even increases its resale value. Plus, it can pretty much always be restored to its original, pristine condition.

Installation and Finishing

There’s a wide variety of installation systems for hardwood flooring. These include the tongue-and-groove system, woodloc or ‘click’ systems, and floor connection system, which can be installed by using either the glue-down, nail-down, or the floating installation method.

The tongue-and-groove system features a groove along one side and end of the plank, accompanied by a tongue or protruding wood along the center edge on the opposite side and end. The tongue and groove should fit together properly to avoid movement in the adjoining planks. This type of system can be implemented using glue-down, floating, or nail-down techniques.

The woodlock or ‘click’ system is similar to the tongue-and-groove system but consists of tapping on the groove to make the curved or barbed tongue fit into it. Since it’s the easiest to do, it’s a highly recommended system for those who like DIY projects.

After installation, hardwood flooring needs finishing, buffing, and sanding to achieve its optimal quality and look. The most common finishes used for wood are oil-modified urethane and water-based polyurethane. Polishing, conversely, needs to be carried out every three to five years to uphold the flooring’s optimal condition. Meanwhile, sanding can provide a smooth finish for the flooring and can be done as needed.


In conclusion, hardwood flooring Dallas from Toscana Remodeling transcends conventional flooring options in Dallas, offering a blend of aesthetics and durability. Elevate your home’s ambiance and resale value with the warmth and charm that only hardwood can provide in Dallas. Trust Toscana Remodeling to bring this timeless elegance to your space in Dallas.


FAQ 1: How long does hardwood flooring Dallas last? Hardwood flooring, when well-maintained, can last for decades in Dallas. Regular care, including proper cleaning and occasional refinishing, enhances its longevity in Dallas.

FAQ 2: Is hardwood flooring Dallas suitable for all rooms? While hardwood is versatile, considerations for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms should be taken into account in Dallas. Consult with experts for room-specific recommendations.

FAQ 3: Can hardwood flooring Dallas be installed over existing floors? Yes, hardwood flooring in Dallas can be installed over existing floors with proper preparation. Ensure the existing surface is stable and clean before installation in Dallas.

FAQ 4: What is the average cost of hardwood flooring Dallas? The cost varies based on the type of wood chosen in Dallas. Factors like wood species, installation method, and additional services contribute to the overall expense in Dallas.

FAQ 5: Are there eco-friendly options for hardwood flooring Dallas? Yes, eco-friendly hardwood options exist in Dallas, including reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced materials. Explore these choices for a greener approach to home design in Dallas.


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