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WPC Flooring

There’s a new flooring type that’s been made available to the general public. It’s called WPC! What does WPC stand for? Wooden Plastic Composite. What makes it so special? It’s 100% waterproof. Read on to learn more about WPC flooring and how it can best suit your home:

What’s so special about WPC?

Let’s start off on the right foot by comparing the new flooring type with one that’s been around for years. WPC is just like the popular material LVT (Luxurious Vinyl Tile) or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring. How exactly? LVP is the closest thing to a water-proof wood-like flooring on the market. That is, until WPC came about. Like LVP and laminate flooring, WPC is composed of multiple layers.

WPC layers consist of:

Wear layer- urethane layer that protects against general wear and tear

Print layer- High-definition imagine that’s meant to imitate real wood or natural stone

Core layer- 100% waterproof. This layer won’t be damaged even when exposed to water

Backing layer- Gives added support. This layer is thick; Thus, won’t budge

Advantage of WPC


We’re simply going to maintain on mentioning the truth that WPC flooring Dallas TX is 100% waterproof. Being waterproof means the ground sort will be universally used. It may be put in anyplace! Kitchens, bogs, laundry rooms, basements…you title it. Liquid won’t destroy and even tamper with WPC flooring.

Bold Look

Is it real wood? No. Is it real tile? Nope. However technology is now so superior that you’d have a hard time telling the difference between WPC and actual hardwood. It would take a highly-trained eye; therefore, your guests probably won’t be able to tell the difference. That’s why they’ve been so popular with Dallas homeowners.

Gentle Contact

Another advantage of WPC flooring is how quiet it is. The backing layer is extremely light. It stands strong even as the flooring experiences heavy foot traffic. You won’t hear any squeaking. Also, standing on a WPC ground for a long period of time won’t end in any muscle discomfort.

Simple to Maintain

WPC is a really dependable flooring. The wear layer protects against scratching, the core protects against moisture and the backing layer protects against impact. These three layers combined make WPCeasy to maintain. The regular use of a vacuum, mop, broom or steamer will do the trick. Cleaning every one or two weeks should be enough. However, you’ll probably want to clean more often if you have pets running around the house.

Subfloor Set up

Typically speaking, the thickness of WPC flooring help avoid any blemishes to a subfloor. WPC can be installed over virtually any type of subfloor, whether or not it’s wood, tile, or concrete. Some flooring types can only be installed on a particular type of subfloor. In reality, some flooring types can only be installed over the subfloor that was added when the home was being built. These limitations usually aren’t related with WPC.


As of right now, WPC is quite expensive. It’s a new flooring option, so it’s in high demand. If you want to wait until demand lowers, that’s understandable. If you want to have the latest flooring installed, that’s also understandable.

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