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Why choose Travertine tiles?

While Travertine has a lot in common with its counterpart, marble, they’re as different as they are similar. Travertine is a natural stone that’s formed when groundwater deposits minerals along the banks of streams and rivers, natural underground springs or limestone caves. This natural limestone then is cut into tiles and used for flooring and wall tiles, as well as countertops and backsplashes. The best travertine tile store in Dallas, Toscana Remodeling, has been a leader in providing travertine products for years.

Four Different Finishes for Travertine Tiles:travertine tile store Dallas

  • Polished– Polished to a luxurious shiny finish, polished travertine usually showcases its vibrant colors. Travertine polishes nicely and lasts for quite a while before needing to be repolished. This finish also makes travertine tiles highly stain resistant.
  • Honed– The honed finish is perhaps the most popular type of finish for travertine tiles. It features a surface that’s somewhere in between a polished and a matte finish; it’s quite similar to travertine in its natural state.
  • Brushed– The softened colors present in brushed travertine reflect the least amount of light. The surface of brushed travertine is treated with wire brushes which are used to abrade the surface. The finished product showcases a bold texture. Brushed travertine requires a heavy sealant to protect it from moisture absorption and staining.
  • Tumbled– Similar to brushed travertine, tumbled travertine looks more aged. Tumbled travertine’s rounded edges give it more character and more distinct characteristics than brushed travertine. Just like brushed travertine, tumbled travertine also requires a heavy sealant to guard against moisture absorption and staining.


The main advantage to travertine flooring is that it’s easy to match in look and color in case you ever have to replace a tile or two in the future. Other tiles with more vibrant colors will oftentimes vary greatly from one lot to the next.

Another advantage is travertine’s softness, which makes it easier to cut and shape. It’s also more environmentally-friendly than some other flooring materials since it’s used in its natural state; meaning that any leftover material are simply pieces of stone that you can use as drainage in your potted plants or scatter about your garden, giving it a more natural feel.


As with any material, some maintenance is required to preserve its durability and shine. The experts at Toscana Remodeling are ready to help you select the proper sealant and/or cleaning products for your new travertine flooring tiles.

Contact Toscana Remodeling today at (972) 406-8881 to learn more about travertine tile flooring and installation, and how it may best serve your needs. The professionals at Toscana Remodeling are waiting for your call, ready to help make your home even more special.


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