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10 questions to ask before you hire a home remodeling company

When it comes to your home, there’s no such thing as too many questions! Any home remodeling project should begin with a detailed hiring process to find the best home remodeling company. Reputation, experience, work quality and efficiency should some highlights of your search. Here are ten crucial questions to ask:

What level of expertise does your staff possess, and how many years have you been operating as a business?

Just like with any company, the longer it’s been around, the better. Expertise is crucial, particularly in the context of renovation endeavors. Having a 20-year business tenure supported by a staff with a collective experience of 100 years is far more reassuring than a three-year business history accompanied by a total experience of 10 years. You don’t have to eliminate a less experienced remodeling company right away, but you might want to place a question mark next to that company instead of highlighting it.

Do you have a contracting license?

State regulations vary, and while licenses may not be mandatory, it is strongly advised to engage a licensed company for your Dallas home renovation, ensuring expertise in the relevant areas. Homeowners find reassurance in contracting licenses, as they validate that a contractor has undergone the necessary training and testing to obtain a specific license. If the state considers a contractor deserving of a license, you should be in a favorable position.

Can I see your certificate of insurance?

Proof in hand is always better than just relying on someone’s word. It is crucial for a home remodeling Dallas project to confirm that the company possesses both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. You definitely wouldn’t want to be responsible for any harm or injuries that workers might incur while on the job. A speedy remodel is certainly towards the top of your list of priorities, but protecting yourself and your home is #1 on the list.

Will you obtain necessary permits?

A home remodeling company may not always need to acquire the required building or construction permits for a project. With that said, things become significantly smoother when your contractor successfully secures the permits. It alleviates your headache and demonstrates the contractor’s eagerness to offer an extra, beneficial service even before the project commences. Ultimately, you want the professionals to take charge!

What is the anticipated completion date for the project?

You will, without a doubt, be inconvenienced for at least some time while your home is undergoing a remodeling project. However, wouldn’t it be desirable to have precise information about the duration of your stay in that situation? Depending on the size of the project, it’s not likely that a home remodeling company will be able to give you a specific date and time in which the project will be complete. They ought to provide a reliable estimate, granting you the ability to set expectations based on that estimation. If a job is not completed by the estimated date, then you will be deserving of an explanation as to why not.

What is the payment schedule? Itemized bid?

Finding a contractor who offers a flexible payment schedule should be easy for you. Paying for the entire job up front is risky; instead, you’ll want to pay for the work as it’s completed. Having a detailed cost breakdown before commencing the task is also beneficial. Utilizing precise figures derived from material and labor rates is far superior to depending on rough estimates. Estimates create ambiguous areas that may result in confusion and disagreements as the situation unfolds.

Could you provide specifics regarding the number of individuals involved in the project?

This seems like a somewhat unnecessary question, but you want to be sold on the project and the people completing it. You’d like to inquire about the team size for the job and the frequency of the project manager’s on-site presence to supervise the project and provide progress updates. You desire to witness the dedication invested in creating the perfect renovation for your home.

What is the most effective means of reaching out to you? What is the optimal time to reach out to you?

As you know, communication is important. A generic corporate phone number will not be adequate. Instead, ask for direct contact with the project manager. Engage in a conversation early with a home remodeling company to determine their preferred communication approach. Whether it be phone, email, text, in-person, it needs to be confirmed from the get-go. Explore optimal communication timings as well.

What warranties are offered for materials/labor?

Warranties provide support to home remodeling Dallas projects. In the event that anything goes wrong from a labor or materials standpoint, it’s nice to have a warranty so the issue can be fixed without you having to pay for it. A Dallas-based home remodeling firm ought to provide a predetermined warranty, which is communicated to you beforehand and presented in written format. Furthermore, it is essential to acquire documentation for manufacturer warranties covering the materials and components employed in the project.

Do you have any contact information for references I can reach out to?

References are extremely helpful! You have the chance to talk about a company’s projects with a previous client. Often times, the previous client will be very forthcoming with information. You have the option to address aspects such as customer service, work quality, project similarity, timelines, and more. After discussing with a reference, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of your position in the hiring process.

For your home remodeling Dallas needs, give Toscana Remodeling a call at (972) 406-8881! We assure you comprehensive responses to any inquiries you may have, demonstrating our expertise in successfully fulfilling your project requirements. Please visit our website—toscanaremodeling.com—and check out our blog for more helpful remodeling input.


Before embarking on a “Home Remodeling Dallas” journey, asking these questions ensures a well-informed decision. Your home deserves the best, and by following this guide, you’ll be on the path to a successful remodeling project.


  1. What sets Toscana Remodeling apart from other companies in Dallas in Home Remodeling Dallas?
    • Toscana Remodeling distinguishes itself through a wealth of experience, a dedicated team, and a commitment to transparent communication.
  2. How can I ensure the safety of my home during the remodeling process in Home Remodeling Dallas?
    • Confirming the company’s insurance coverage, permits, and warranties goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your home.
  3. Is it common for remodeling projects to face delays in Home Remodeling Dallas, and how are they handled?
    • While delays can occur, a reputable company should provide clear explanations for any deviations from the initial project timeline.
  4. What types of communication methods does Toscana Remodeling prefer in Home Remodeling Dallas?
    • Toscana Remodeling accommodates various communication methods, including phone, email, text, and in-person meetings, based on your preferences.
  5. Can I visit a project Toscana Remodeling has completed in the past in Home Remodeling Dallas?
    • Yes, Toscana Remodeling is happy to provide references, allowing you to witness the quality of our work through past projects.


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