Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Dallas

Hardwood Maintenance

A big part of having hardwood flooring installed is protecting your investment. You’ve probably spent quite a bit on the flooring itself, not to mention the installation. Each manufacturer will advise on the expected lifetime of a hardwood product, however, the way the homeowner maintains their flooring is what truly determines its lifetime. To help keep your hardwood flooring in perfect condition for a long time, follow these tips on hardwood flooring maintenance.hardwood flooring maintenance Dallas

First of all, you’ll need to guard against threats to hardwood flooring.

You’ll find that most hardwood flooring maintenance Dallas tips are centered around moisture prevention. If moisture seeps into a plank’s core, cupping and/or crowning can result. Planks might curl on the edges and even swell up in the middle.

Hardwood technology has definitely advanced over time and it’s safe to say that the flooring type withstands moisture better than ever. However, moisture remains a threat, so you don’t want to take it lightly.

Scratching is another threat, it can be cuased by pets running around or furniture. We’ll go into detail on how to prevent it.

Preventative Tips

Place rugs in areas that experience high foot traffic

The more foot traffic a hardwood floor experiences, the more it wears down. Due to this, it only makes sense to guard it against that damage. You can even use area rugs to help protect these spaces. Area rugs are great for larger spaces like living rooms. You should also consider having a small mat in front of your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Essentially, areas that could be affected by heavy foot traffic or moisture can have rugs placed on them.

Wipe up spills as soon as possible

As we said earlier, you don’t want moisture to soak through to the core of your flooring, so don’t leave any spills standing. Something as harmless as spilling a glass of water shouldn’t result in a damaged hardwood floor.

Don’t slide furniture

To avoid scratching, lift furniture rather than sliding it. Sure, scratches under your sofa might not be noticeable, but what if you decide to more your furniture around at some point? Suddenly, these hidden scratches will be in plain sight.

Place pads under furniture legshardwood flooring maintenance Dallas

To avoid scratching caused by furniture, place protective pads under all furniture legs, including couches, chairs, tables and TV stands.

Use a sealant

Sealing hardwood flooring is extremely important. A sealant will protect against moisture and scratching. It’ll be an additional cost, but it will be well worth it.

Use rugs outside of all doorways

Try your best to keep dirt and dust outdooes. Have guests wipe their shoes on a door mat before walking. Another idea would be to have your guests remove their shoes before entering your home.

Cleaning Suggestions

Try your best to sweep every day

Sweeping daily will help keep your flooring free of dirt and debris. If sweeping daily isn’t something that can fit into your schedule, sweeping once a week works as well.

Vacuum/Mop as often as every week

Vacuuming and mopping is another way to keep your flooring from gathering dirt and allergens. Make sure that your vacuum is set to the proper hardwood setting because the bristles could result in scratching. Additionally, be careful when mopping. You want to be careful with how much water gets onto your flooring.

Contemplate polishing every month

Polishing your hardwood flooring is an efficient cleaning method to take. Polish cleans the entirety of your wood flooring, not just the surface.

Don’t forget to sand & refinish each few years

Perhaps the best feature of hardwood flooring is that it can be refinished multiple times. Essentially, the top layer is sanded off, creating a new layer, freed from scratches.

Use manufacturer-specific cleaners

Sure, some cleaning agents can damage hardwood. To be safe, use only the cleaning agent that’s advised by the manufacturer.

Don’t steam clean

Just like water threatens hardwood, so does vapor/steam. Steam cleaning is risky because the steam covers the entire floor and is left to soak into the ground. Overexposure will definitely result in damage over time.

Toscana Remodeling

We hope these hardwood flooring maintenance Dallas tips help extend the lifetime of your hardwood flooring. None of them require mcuh effort; you simply need develop a habit of cleaning on time. In case you have any questions on hardwood flooring, or if you’re contemplating getting hardwood flooring, give Toscana Remodeling a call. Please visit our web site—toscanaremodeling.com—to find out about our selection and check out our blog for more flooring and remodeling ideas.


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