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Ceramic Tile Flooring Store Dallas – Toscana Remodeling[/caption]Ceramic tile flooring has been a popular flooring option for both home and business owners alike. You’ll find ceramic tiles almost everywhere you visit, literally anywhere in the world. Ceramic flooring is highly versatile as it is composed of man-made tiles allowing for them to be made in virtually any size, shape, or color. Ceramic tiles come in either glazed or unglazed finishes.

Two Different Finishes

Like we mentioned earlier, ceramic tiles come in two different finishes, glazed and unglazed:

  • Glazed. Usually, a glazed ceramic tile will have a coating of molten glass which is baked in a kiln. The glass will harden into a lustrous, extremely glossy finish, but it can be quite slippery and a special texturizing technique will be added to the glazing process to present a more non-slip finish to be used in floor tiles, especially those that will be used in areas like bathrooms and outdoor patios. Glazed tiles are highly moisture- and stain-resistant. The more non-slip the product, the less stain-resistant it’ll be. Glazed tiles can be found in pretty much any color and generally have a much more consistent coloring throughout than natural stone floor tiles.
  • Unglazed. Unglazed ceramic tiles don’t undergo the glazing process, and thus, tend to have more of a matte or flat finish. The colors also will not be as vibrant as their glazed counterparts. Unglazed ceramic tiles are typically chosen for outdoor applications, like porches and patios, for their more matte texture which results in a far less slippery surface, even when wet.



Advantages to Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles tend to be more popular than natural stone tiles. The reason for this is usually cost; ceramic is cheaper to produce and easier to work with than most natural stone floor tiles. Additionally, ceramic tiles can be made in any size, shape, or color desired, which makes ceramic tile much more versatile.

Ceramic flooring is also known for its durability. Ceramic floor tiles have a much longer lifespan than some other materials, even some of the more expensive options. Ceramic is also highly resistant to moisture makes it even more popular, especially in areas of high traffic. An matte glazing process can add to slip-resistance of ceramic floor tiles.

Aside from these features, ceramic also has high color permanence qualities, meaning that the color added to ceramic is a lasting color. Their high resistance to color change when exposed to both natural and man-made elements make them an excellent choice when you want your floor to last a lifetime.


In conclusion, ceramic tile flooring transcends mere functionality; it is a design element that adds character, durability, and timeless beauty to spaces. Whether opting for the glossy allure of glazed tiles or the understated elegance of unglazed counterparts, ceramic tiles offer a canvas of possibilities, readily available at a Ceramic Tile Flooring Store Dallas.


1. Are glazed ceramic tiles suitable for all areas of the home?

Yes, while glazed tiles offer a glossy finish, they can be texturized for non-slip use, making them suitable for various areas, including bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

2. What makes unglazed ceramic tiles a preferred choice for outdoor applications?

The matte texture of unglazed tiles provides a less slippery surface, making them ideal for outdoor spaces like patios and porches.

3. Is ceramic flooring cost-effective compared to natural stone options?

Absolutely. Ceramic tiles are more cost-effective to produce and work with, making them a popular choice for those looking for budget-friendly yet stylish flooring.

4. How does color permanence in ceramic tiles contribute to their appeal?

The lasting color in ceramic tiles ensures that they remain vibrant and unchanged, even when exposed to natural and man-made elements.

5. Why choose Toscana Remodeling as the go-to Ceramic Tile Flooring Store Dallas?

Toscana Remodeling, the best Ceramic Tile Flooring Store in Dallas, stands out for its expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and a wide range of ceramic tile options, making them the best choice for transforming your home.

Contact the best ceramic tile flooring store Dallas, TX today at (972) 406-8881 to learn more about ceramic tile and how it may best suit your home. The professionals at Toscana Remodeling are waiting for your call, ready to make your home even more special.


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