Natural Stone Flooring Store Dallas

Natural Stone Flooring Store Dallas

Natural Stone Flooring Store Dallas - Toscana Remodeling

A Luxurious Addition to Your Home with Natural Stone

Few things will give your home such a feeling of luxury as the natural stone flooring that can be found at Toscana Remodeling in Dallas.

A Material That Has Withstood the Test of Time

Stone flooring has literally been used for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans used natural stone flooring thousands of years ago. The Romans would use natural stone to pave their roadways, many of which still stand today despite being exposed to the elements for around four thousand years. Even after almost 2500 years, the natural stone floors of the Greek Parthenon still stand beautifully. Even the natural stone flooring inside many of Egypt’s ancient structures still stand after over four millennia, and they’re made out of a softer type of natural stone – sandstone! That being said, just imagine how long granite or quartzite flooring would last in your home.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Toscana Remodeling offers the widest variety of natual stone flooring to the general public. Our selection ranges from marble and slate tile to more durable and elegant varieties of granite and quartzite.

Currently, many different types of natural stone are being used for natural stone flooring. The most popular among these are limestone, slate, basalt, granite and marble. Each of these materials exhibits a texture, color, and style uniquely its own.

Marble Flooring

Marble is a natural stone formed from limestone or dolomite undergoing tectonic folding, which is the intense pressure created when the plates of the earth move and press against each other. Marble is normally white, but the veining can be anything out of a plethora of colors. Marble is a relatively soft, or “compact”, stone which makes it relatively easy to cut and be shaped, making it an ideal material for flooring.

Granite Flooring

Granite is an igneous rock, meaning that it’s created from volcanic lava. It’s an extremely hard and durable material and is generally found in pink, white, and gray shades, typically with a speckled look that features a variety of colors. The toughness combined with the elegant nature of granite make it a perfect option for natural stone flooring. Granite tends to do extremely well in high-traffic and high-moisture environments due to its durable nature.

Slate Flooring

Slate is a metamorphic rock, meaning that it’s formed by extreme pressure produced by the movement of tectonic plates, usually composed of clay or organic ash. Typically found in different gray tones, slate can also be found in shades of purple, green, and (rarely) turquoise. Slate exhibits exceptional durability and resistance to moisture, making it an ideal choice for environments with high foot traffic and elevated moisture levels.


Elevate your home’s ambiance with the luxurious touch of natural stone flooring from Toscana Remodeling. With a history as enduring as its materials, our selection ensures both timeless beauty and modern durability.


  1. How long does natural stone flooring last? Natural stone flooring, available at Toscana Remodeling, is designed to last for centuries, showcasing its exceptional durability.
  2. What makes granite suitable for high-traffic areas? Granite’s toughness and resistance to wear and tear make it an excellent choice for spaces with heavy foot traffic, available at your trusted Natural Stone Flooring Store Dallas.
  3. Can I customize the color of marble flooring? Yes, marble from Toscana Remodeling comes in various colors, allowing for customization to suit your aesthetic preferences.
  4. Is slate a good choice for moisture-prone areas? Yes, slate’s moisture-resistant properties make it an ideal flooring option for spaces with high humidity, available at Toscana Remodeling, the top Natural Stone Flooring Store Dallas.
  5. Why choose Toscana Remodeling for natural stone flooring? Toscana Remodeling is not just a store; it’s your partner in creating a luxurious home. Our Natural Stone Flooring Store Dallas offers a diverse range of high-quality natural stone flooring options, backed by expert guidance and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Call the experts at the best natural stone flooring store Dallas, Toscana Remodeling, today at 972-406-8881 to learn more about other types of natural stone flooring, and to schedule your free in-home consultation.


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