What is the Best Type of Flooring for a Living Room?

Best flooring for a living room

The living room is where all members of a household gather to watch TV, play games or simply visit. Guests also join in on the fun. Because the living room is the heart of the home, it’s essential for it to be warm and inviting. The type of flooring has a lot of say about comfort and appeal.

Best kind of flooring for a living roomLiving Room Flooring

Nothing beats a classic hardwood floor. Hardwood floors have been filling living rooms for ages and that trend is not going to change any time soon, if ever. There are many the reason why hardwood is good for living rooms. There are many reasons why some other flooring options aren’t.

Let’s hit the details!

Choose from many types of hardwood

The versatility of hardwood flooring is unmatched. You’ll have a vast selection of wood species. For instance, oak, hickory, ash, maple, bamboo, etc. Each wood type can have a comparatively different look and will therefore add character to your home in a totally new way. One factor is that all types of hardwood carry a timeless, robust appeal that can more than justify your flooring choices for your Dallas, TX home.

Other types of flooring aren’t as versatile. Obviously, carpet has many limitations in terms of selection and overall look. Natural stone flooring is stunning, however it is harder to match any type of natural stone with the relaxed tone of the living room, along with any attached rooms.

Hardwood flooring will last for a long time

In addition, hardwood flooring is both sturdy and sustainable. It should last for 20+ years. One of the many nice features of hardwood is the fact that it can be refinished a number of times all through its life. Therefore, if you end up getting scratches on your hardwood, you’ll be able to have the floor refinished to look brand-new. This works out perfectly for households with pets that like to run around the living room. It is suggested, nonetheless, to prevent your pets from running around on the hardwood, especially when they’re overly excited.

It is also suggested to incorporate floor protectors at ends of all of your furniture, in addition to wiping up any spills as quickly as possible. Hardwood floors are porous; thus, liquid can cause damage if it seeps through the floor. If you’re able to prevent scratching and spilling liquids, your hardwood floor will undoubtedly last a long time.

With regards to different floor types…carpet is dirtied very easily. It can last for a very long time, although it’s probable that you’ll decide to chamge it out before it wears down. Carpet is not a good selection for high-traffic areas such as a living room.

Natural stone shows mud and filth rather even more than hardwood. For this reason, you’d need to monitor and clean natural stone flooring more often. Plus, some natural stones, such as marble, are likely to get scratched considerably easily.

Try hardwood kin: Engineered or Vinyl Plank flooring

Hardwood flooring can be pricey. The good news is there are similar and cheaper flooring types that can effectively take the place of hardwood on your shopping list.

Engineered hardwood is made to look just like real hardwood. The difference, though, is that engineered hardwood is actually multi-layered. The top layer of engineered hardwood is a wear layer. Believe it or not, engineered hardwood actually protects better against scratches and moisture because of its layering. It’s more difficult for the surface to be penetrated with the extra cushion.

The best part?

The look of engineered hardwood doesn’t suffer at all in comparison to true hardwood. Reason being, engineered wood is topped with a layer of true hardwood. For example, engineered hardwood might not be 100% oak, however it is topped with an oak layer, making it look like a real oak floor from any perspective.

Engineered hardwood doesn’t have a huge price difference from hardwood, but it’s slightly less expensive.

Another option is vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring is layered in the same style as engineered hardwood. Thus, it also protects well against scratches and moisture. The difference is that vinyl plank flooring is topped with a high-resolution image of a hardwood surface.

So, instead of real oak being the top layer, it is an image of real oak. Nevertheless, the look hardly suffers. You and your guests might be able to tell the difference, but vinyl plank still possesses a quality appeal and it lasts for a very long time. The purpose of installing vinyl plank flooring over hardwood flooring are the considerable savings.

There you have it!

The best kind of flooring for your living room is some form of wood floor. Wood is timeless, cozy and alluring. There is a reason that wood flooring is so popular all throughout Dallas, TX properties.

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