7 Common Mistakes in a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Common mistakes during a bathroom remodeling project

A revamped bathroom is always a nice adjustment to a home. Bathrooms are usually the last to be updated as they’re not generally the focal point. Despite being such a tiny space, there’s a lot more to a bathroom remodeling project than you might think. Be certain to consider these common remodeling mistakes as you move forward with your project:

Lacking preparation and planningbathroom remodel mistakes

Because a bathroom remodel is a complex project, it helps to have a very detailed plan of action. A detailed plan means specific structure, specific measurements, shopping list, material consideration, budget, contractor assistance, design intentions…the whole nine yards. Preparation for a bathroom remodeling challenge can’t be stressed enough.

All the components must be well thought-out. If not, you place part, or maybe even all, of your project in jeopardy. You can get assistance along the way; nevertheless, even professionals work better when their client provides them with a plan.

Overlooking the importance of plumbing

Plumbing is both essential and particular. All pipes and passageways should be accounted for and properly aligned. If not, you’ll have a serious problem in your hands. All it takes is one plumbing mistake for your bathroom to flood. Suddenly, you’ll be remodeling because you have to and not because you want to.

Point being, it’s best to leave the plumbing alone by keeping fixtures in place. If you need to adjust the plumbing, leave it to a professional remodeler or plumber to care for it for you.

Deciding on the wrong supplies

Make sure you do your research on supplies. Materials for cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and shower makeup are all very important. They are important from an appeal standpoint, but also from a functional standpoint. Know which supplies combat moisture and which supplies meet your living standards.

Here are a few useful tidbits:

  • Hardwood flooring is risky due to its vulnerability to moisture
  • If you’re set on a hardwood ground, try vinyl plank or engineered variations
  • You should know not to use carpet in bathrooms
  • Tile (porcelain or ceramic) is a reliable flooring option, but it can be difficult to maintain
  • Tile also works well for shower walls
  • Any stone counter tops should be sealed to block out moisture
  • Cabinetry should just suit its surroundings, don’t overthink it

Not giving yourself enough cabinet space

Storage area can always be added; however, later additions might not look as good or flow as well as on-the-spot additions. One set of overhead cupboards might not do the trick. Floating vanities have become a popular bathroom item, however they often don’t provide as much storage space as a traditional vanity. Just think though your design structure and take into account all objects that you normally store in a bathrrom to ensure the right amount of storage.

Not trusting the pros

We get it–DIY initiatives save money and they are often quite rewarding when completed properly. That being said, prioritize high quality and execution over savings and pride. The final aim is for your bathroom remodeling project to get completed correctly. Any mistake pushes the timeline forward, increases costs and causes more stress. Are professional remodelers perfect?  No. But they’re probably better than you at finishing the specific crafts. No offense, it’s simply what they do for a living. So place your trust in the pros to get the job done right!

Hiring pros with out understanding the price breakdown

Now, if you go the professional route, be sure to have a clear understanding of costs prior to signing over the job. All costs should be stated in the contract. Ideally, your hired contractor will provide you with an itemized list breaking down the cost of labor, materials and project progress. Fixed-rate remodeling costs are much clearer than alternative billing.

Forgetting about lighting/ventilation

Don’t forget to look up! Lighting and ventilation carry obvious importance in a bathroom remodeling project. Lighting not only aids vision, but it also plays an underrated role in design. There are all sorts of lighting choices available for homeowners. The combination of bulbs and fixtures can really affect the general bathroom appeal. Ventilation is not at all about appeal; however, it’s a necessity. You would certainly regret not installing a bathroom fan.

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