Are Marble Floors Slippery?

Is slipping an issue with marble floors?

Marble is a stunning material. Whether used as a countertop, wall or floor, it gives a home or office a beautiful, luxurious look that can’t be matched. The look of marble has by no means been in question; however, a future buyer should also consider the natural stone’s functionality. For instance, are marble floors safe? Are they slippery?marble floors slippery

Those are two objective questions. Certainly, someone has slipped on a marble floor at some point. Someone has, at some point in time, slipped on hardwood, porcelain tile and even carpet as well. The real question is: Is slippery marble a big enough concern to not purchase and install it?

First off, it’s best to know that there are two ways to finish marble floors: honed and polished.


If you want to avoid a slipping accident in your Dallas, TX home, honed marble is the best option. Honed marble won’t provide the shininess of polished marble, however, its satin-like feel provides more grip. Thus, you shouldn’t have to worry about slipping on honed granite. Of course, the floor will still be slippery if you’re wearing socks around the house and walking quickly. The same goes for hopping out of the shower with wet feet. 

Marble floors are perhaps most common in bathrooms. Reason being, they immediately take over the small area with a chic look. It’s also more inexpensive to install marble in a bathroom versus a kitchen or living space. Any hard floor will be slippery if your feet are still wet. Hence, the importance of bathroom mats. If you step out of the shower or bathtub and dry your feet, then you won’t have any slipping problems with honed marble.


Polished marble, alternatively, is more susceptible to slipping. Ultimately, it’s as slippery as it looks. The glossy material is meant primarily for look rather than function. That is why polished marble is generally seen mainly in areas with less foot traffic. It can show dirt more easily and provides much less grip. You can compare polished marble to any item you’re paranoid about keeping in pristine condition. This doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t use polished marble for flooring, it just requires more care.

Reverting again to the bathroom example…

You will most definitely want to take advantage of bathroom mats with a refined marble ground. You’ll also want to remind yourself that the floor is slippery, particularly in case your feet aren’t dry. Polished marble isn’t usually used in bathrooms due to the risk of slipping. In fact, it’s more common in living areas or entryways. You’ll also find it commonly used for countertops or walls—places where slipping isn’t a factor.


Are marble floors safe? Yes, but they require some caution.

Are they slippery? Yes, polished marble more so than honed marble.

Is slippery marble a big enough concern to not purchase and install it? Probably not, but that is determined by the customer. Marble brings too many good qualities for one negative quality to prevent a major home upgrade. You just have to be aware the floor surface. If you’re aware then you should have no safety issues.

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