How To Remodel a Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom remodeling on a budget

Most of us live on a budget. Those who don’t can proceed to contract out a $15K bathroom remodeling job. However, budgeters have avenues for a bathroom remodel as well. A bathroom is such a tiny space, but, there are so many little tweaks that anybody could make to give it an improved look. Moreover, tweaks that you can execute on your own, with out hiring professional help. Here are some useful tips for remodeling a bathroom on a budget:

Repaint your bathroom wallshow to remodel a bathroom on a budget

Nothing can add a new perspective to a bathroom like a new paint job. Bathrooms generally have white walls, but do you want to be that common? Instead, brighten up your bathroom with an inviting wall shade, such as beige. If you want to make a statement, try a warm color, like yellow, orange, or red. Just make sure the rest of your bathroom will compliment the chosen color. Wallpaper is a massive no-no in today’s modern world. If your bathroom is outdated by wallpaper, it’s time to make a change.

Add crowning to the room

Once repainted, you can style your bathroom by including crowning to the top edges of the walls. The crowning will attach to the top of the walls and ceiling. Urethane molding is the recommended crowning materials. Urethane is able to withstand moisture and changes in humidity better than wood. Just measure your wall widths and take the measurements to your neighborhood hardware store to buy the proper size moldings. Crowning will give your updated bathroom a look of elegance, especially if you can match it with the color of your door frames.

Updating fixtures could make a huge difference

New fixtures can instantly modernize a bathroom, and in a low-cost way. Unique fixtures, such as extended lighting fixtures or towel hooks, can stand out. They may not be the very first thing somebody who enters the bathroom will notice, but they will add to the overall comfort of the room. Also, it’s a good idea to replace cabinets and door handles. Devoting a few hours to Home Depot or Lowe’s will open your eyes to so many unique fixtures, all of which can be easily installed on your own. They are also extremely cheap in proportion to the total cost of a bathroom remodel. New handles, lighting fixtures, faucets…there are so many little things that can effectively contribute to bathroom remodeling on a budget.

Vanity countertops (professional help may be needed)

Everything we’ve talked about thus far is in line with bathroom remodeling on a budget. If you want new countertops or new tiling; however, you’ll likely need prosessional assistance. If you really want to add a standout feature to your bathroom, have granite countertops put in over your vanity. Granite can be pricey, however it will last for a very long time. You may even buy imperfect granite for cheaper. It won’t be quite as pristine, but it might be better for your budget. Plus, the look will hardly suffer. You would also want to pay for the granite to be sealed. Granite can be affected by water if constantly exposed to it; a sealing job will counteract the effect.

New flooring (professional help needed)

Any new flooring or tiling ought to be installed by a pro. Installation is precise; therefore, it needs to be handled by an expert if you want it done properly. Porcelain tile is a great flooring material. It is strong and durable. Porcelain will withstand everything daily bathroom use will throw at it. The only thing you’ll need to tend to from time to time is the tile grout. Ultimately, new countertops and new flooring will have the greatest influences on an improved bathroom look. That being said, new paint, crowning, and updated fixtures can go a long way as well in bathroom remodeling on a budget. Perhaps start with those, and if there is enough flexibility in your budget, look into new countertops and new flooring.

We hope you’ve been enlightened to bathroom remodeling on a budget. For any and all your bathroom remodeling needs, Toscana Remodeling is right here to assist. Contact us today! Also, visit our blog for additional useful info.

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