How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Carpet Maintenance

Carpeting adds beauty and warmth to any home or office. But regular use can have it looking dirty and dingy if it’s not properly maintained and cleaned periodically. So, how often should a carpet be cleaned? This can be determined by how quickly the grime and dirt settle in, along with other factors such as:

Foot trafficHow Often Should You Clean Your Carpets

Extensive use of carpeted areas will rapidly deposit sand, mud, gravel, mud, and different particles into the carpet. The more people that use these areas, the earlier the dirtiness will begin to show. Although sweeping and vacuuming can help to a certain degree, there is no substitute for high quality professional carpet cleaning service. Homeowners and office managers typically lack the time, equipment, or skill to do intensive cleaning jobs for carpeted rooms. Hiring a carpet cleasing service can get the job done fast, so the carpet is clean and is ready to be used.

Activity level

Carpet is comes in many styles for many purposes. There are high-traffic designs, as well as indoor or outdoor carpet, the latter for patios or solar rooms, and so on. For professional use, new carpet maintenance needs to be adopted to keep the carpeting in good condition and looking clean. Areas used by many people regularly or on the daily, such as business offices, stairs, or home living areas, are more susceptible to getting soiled faster than other areas. However, to make sure the carpeting stays uniform in shading, it’s best to have all areas cleaned at the same time. Depending on the importance of appearance, for instance in a public workplace, bimonthly or every six months could also be advisable by the manufacturer for new carpet upkeep. Other areas which are less commonly used or of minimal importance due to low visibility or non-importance of appearance may be cleaned yearly or as needed.

Mechanical or natural ventilation

Homes or offices with older heating systems or vents have collected dust for years could spew extra debris over the carpeted areas that becomes visible over time. Updating the HVAC system may help keep carpets clean for longer periods of time, though a yearly professional cleaning is commonly recommended by experts.

Children and pets

Children love playing in carpeted rooms. Often, however, playtime results in ground-in modeling clay, crayons, or glitter from various toys. Infants or toddlers may drool, spit up, drop crumbs, or leave other leakage on the carpet. Pets are known for shedding fur or depositing fleas on rugs and carpets. If they go outside, they can track in grime and dust. Dogs like to chew bones or treats into tiny pieces that are often embedded into the carpet. Additional usage of this sort could require more frequent professional carpet cleansing, about every few months or so. Some particles will get crushed into the carpet so deeply that though it remains unseen, it can be smelled or felt when walking barefoot.

Carpet is a traditional flooring choice for properties and offices that are well-maintained. If you would like to have new carpet put in, call Toscana Remodeling at (972) 406-8881 now!

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