Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing your hardwood floors isn’t as complicated as many homeowners would think. Some people choose contracting professional help to carry out refinishing tasks, whereas others choose to do it on their own. Premise fittings experience the process of wearing and tearing as time passes. Hardwood floors get dull or scratched as time goes by. This sort of flooring is completely different from other flooring types as it may be refinished. Hardwood floors can handle more than 10 refinishing services. It all depends on the thickness of the veneer. There is no specific answer on which is the most effective method to revive the look of flooring. It all depends on a person’s needs. There are those who like to handle things on their own, while others contact professional refinishing companies.

Top methods of renewing old hardwood floorsRefinishing Hardwood Floors

  • Ask yourself if your floor has become dull because of dirt- Dust is among the main factors for making floors look dingy. Some owners are too busy to frequently clear their floors. Regular cleaning is among the strategies that can be used to revive the floor’s sheen. Homeowners shouldn’t let dust build up on their floors.
  • A deep cleaning- Are your hardwood floors looking old? If so, you should consider a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is a simple process. It starts off with sweeping the floor using a soft broom. This helps identify the areas that need refinishing. The second step entails using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from hard to reach areas. Afterward, a person should use cleaning detergents specifically meant for hardwood floors. Homeowners with hardwood floors should make an effort of cleaning their floor using a vacuum cleaner at the least two times a week. Consequently, they should rent a professional cleaner at least once a year.

The levels of refinishing a hardwood floor

There are two methods for refinishing hardwood floors that a person can use to revive the look of his/her floor, particularly:

  • Buffing
  • Sanding

Buffing is an easy process that homeowners can use for refinishing his/her floor. This method is appropriate for damages on the surface finish. Surface damages vary from wear and scratches. Buffing should be considered if the wood beneath the floor is in good situation. There are specific tools that a person must have to revive the look of the floor. Buffing instruments are easy to use when compared to a drum sander. Let us cross over and take a look at the sanding process. The sanding process aims at completely restoring an old and damaged hardwood floor. Also, this process can be used to change the color of a floor without any stains. During this process, the sender should always be on the move.

Don’t let the condition of your {hardware} flooring style frustrate you. Simply use the above tips to completely renovate your chosen design. It can either be done by doing it yourself or hiring a professional.

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