Different Types of Wood Flooring

Different Types of Wood Flooring

When new flooring is required, owners typically make their general selection and instantly transition to installation plans. However, the truth of the matter is that the general selection is just the beginning. For instance, a homeowner can elect for hardwood flooring, but what kind of hardwood specifically? There are many different types of wood to choose from, each with different appeals and qualities.

Let’s review some of the different wood types offered by Toscana Remodeling…

BambooDifferent Types of Wood Flooring

Bamboo is a unique material as it’s made from grass and can be ready for production in only a handful of years. This differs from wood, which takes as much as 20 years to mature for flooring purposes. Bamboo’s natural maturation makes it a really eco-friendly product.

As for appearance, bamboo shares the effortless beauty that many different types of wood offer. It can be found in many different shades and its solid form provokes comfort and wholesomeness.

The trick with bamboo is selecting the right batch. The production of bamboo can be tricky in itself and ultimately random. You should be in good shape as long as you buy bamboo from a reputable manufacturer. A good batch will provide sturdiness that’s superior to virtually all flooring types.

Lastly, bamboo is slightly more water-resistant than its hardwood counterparts. While you’d still have to be careful with moisture around your bamboo flooring, the material is much less vulnerable to spills and maintains moderate moisture intake.


Appearance and versatility make birch wood unique compared to other types of wood. You’ll find birch in lighter shades. For instance, yellow birch is almost white, whereas sweet birch and red birch are the wood’s darker forms, which still weigh on the lighter scale. Its straight grain gives off a classy, confident look. You’ll find a birch flooring to be very inviting.

Birch ranks between oak and maple in terms of hardness. Thus, it will be able to withstand heavy impacts, overcome friction and handle overall foot traffic. The floor type will not necessarily be the most comfortable to set foot on as you’re taking your first step of the day after waking up; however, it’s perfect for showier rooms such as the living room and dining room.


In contrast to birch, cherry hardwood is found in consistently darker forms. You will undoubtedly fall in love with cherry hardwood and its elegant appeal. Of all of the totally different types of wood, cherry makes the boldest staetment. It is bold, rich and timeless. Cherry wood will single-handedly take over any room with in a Dallas, TX home, and only in a great way.

Back to hardness, cherry ranks well above common hardwood types like maple and oak on the Janka Scale. Its hardness prevents general wear and tear, as well as damage from large impacts such as the drop of an armoire. Moisture vulnerability is a concern with cherry, just as it is with all wood types. However, the rest of its good qualities present exquisite flooring for about 50 years.


Perhaps the most intriguing oak quality is its enchancment with age. That’s right, this wood type really becomes richer and stronger as the years go by. Of course, this quality will increase its anticipated lifetime.

What separates oak from different wood types is its enticing grain. Oak grains are completely random, and the randomness gives every plank a ton of character. The common oak types are white oak and red oak. White oak is ideal for areas of a home that let in a lot of natural light. The unique grain will stand out and your entire room will give off a really welcoming vibe.

Red oak is typically on the lighter side as well; however, shades of red give oak an intentional rustic appearance. Again, this oak type gives extra character to a room, standing out rather than blending in.

There you could have it! There is more to flooring selection than choosing between hardwood, carpet, tile and natural stone. Essentially, there are decisions within decisions. If you’ve selected hardwood for your home, consider the above choices and the characteristics of different wood types.

Along with what we’ve mentioned, Toscana Remodeling also gives maple, hickory and walnut wood flooring. We have you covered for flooring and overall home remodeling! Please go to our blog to learn more about your home remodeling choices.

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